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Commerial elevator ~ LU/LA Lift

LULA elevator in office building

Commercial elevators ~ LU/LA lift

Limited Use/Limited Application or “LU/LA” commercial elevators are designed for low rise, low occupancy buildings. Similar in look and feel to a larger commercial elevator, these units provide vertical access for everyone, no matter what their state of mobility.

LU/LA lifts are ideal for buildings with up to three floors, and can be used in churches, office buildings, schools, government buildings and luxury residential buildings.

These compact commercial elevators and lifts feature low-maintenance, quiet automatic operation, rugged commercial-grade design, powerful 1,400-pound lifting capability, proven roped-hydraulic technology, power side-sliding doors, and a variety of accessory and style options including glass or handcrafted hardwood interior walls. The hydraulic system features a submerged pump and motor to ensure quiet and comfortable operation. Perfect for alterations or additions, LU/LA Elevators can be installed in as little as a 14" pit, and in certain appications as little as 9'-6" of overhead, both of which can save considerable money in construction costs. 

Ideal for commercial buildings with up to 25 feet of required travel (50' residentially) and 2-6 stops, these compact elevators can be used in:

  • Churches
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Government buildings, and
  • Luxury residential buildings where the characteristics of a commercial elevator are desired.

Limited Use / Limited Application Commercial Elevators also feature:

  • Low-maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Rugged commercial-grade design
  • Powerful 1,400-pound lifting capacity
  • Proven roped-hydraulic technology
  • Variety of accessory and style options
  • Optional handcrafted hardwood interior walls
  • Lower overhead clearance requirements. 11’ standard can be reduced to 9’-6” in certain applications.
  • Shallower pit depths. As little as 14” in some applications.
  • Vertical travel distance of up to 25 feet