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Heavy Duty Wheelchair Lifts

heavy duty wheelchair lift in high-end home that blends into the environment

Heavy Duty Wheelchair Lifts

Also known as vertical platform lifts; full wall wheelchair lifts feature full height cab walls and a top, and have the look and feel of a small elevator, at a fraction of the cost.

These units fit inside a completely enclosed vertical shaft, built to our specifications, much like an elevator shaftway. Commercial vertical wheelchair lifts can be constructed with openings at up to five landings, and can be finished to blend into a building’s decor, indoors or out. Additionally, full wall wheelchair lifts are an excellent option for people with disabilities because of swing door access, which ensures reliability and easy operation. Doors can be automatic-powered where desired, or required by accessibility standards.

If you’re looking for a solid 1000 lbs. capacity, smooth, quiet, and reliable ride look no further. These lifts are designed and constructed to last decades with much lower maintenance costs