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Stairway Wheelchair Lifts

Stairway wheelchair lift inside church in Columbus Ohio

Stairway Wheelchair Lifts

Stairway wheelchair lifts, also known as inclined platform wheelchair lifts, provide wheelchair accessibility for any commercial space, from schools to restaurants.

Because they can be installed with little to no structural modifications, commercial wheelchair stair lifts are a great option for any new or existing building. These models are designed to provide economical access between two or more landings, and include ADA Guidelines compliant accessibility. Wheelchair stair lifts or "wheelchair elevators" are designed with accommodations for your specific stairway including options for colors and finishes, and are available for all types of straight and turning stairways. The platform itself travels on two rails secured directly to the wall or stair treads, and automatically fold up when not in use to save space.

Commercial inclined wheelchair lifts and wheelchair elevators work indoors and out, and can include an optional folding seat to aid in providing semi-ambulatory individuals with accessibility.