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Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Commercial Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

vertical wheelchair lift in public building and girl in wheelchairCommercial vertical wheelchair lifts, also known as vertical platform wheelchair lifts are self contained, and can be installed with little or no structural modifications. These wheelchair lifts can be used indoors or out, in a variety of building situations.

Because commercial vertical wheelchair lifts provide accessibility for anyone from those in a wheelchair to someone with temporary medical issues, and can be customized to fit the style and colors of your building, they create an ideal solution for your ADA accessibility needs.

With smooth and quiet operation, reduced maintenance, and a fraction of the cost of commercial elevators, commercial vertical wheelchair lifts are an easy choice.

Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts:

  • Provide economical access between two or more landings at a fraction of the cost of an elevator.
  • Designed to meet ASME A18 “Lift Safety Standards”, Building Codes and ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities  Act-Accessibility Guidelines)
  • Have a lifting capacity of 750 lbs.
  • Can be designed to fit your project:
  • Enclosure Model – Self-contained with factory provided enclosure, doors and gates. Enclosure can be short – 42” above top level or full height – 6”- 8” above top landing, and can include a dome top for weather protection.
  • Shaftway Model – Fits inside a runway/shaftway, short or full height, which is built by others on site to match building décor.
  • Unenclosed Model - For short rise applications up to five (5) feet of travel.
  • Come in a Variety of optional finishes, and features, to suit the designer, user, and building owner.
  • Can be used both indoors and out.
  • Standard two (2) year warranty, with the ability to extend to 7 years with preventative maintenance agreement.