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Service, Repair & Maintenance

At A.R. Mellinger Company your satisfaction is our first priority!

cabling system for commericial elevator which helps control the elevatorWe are here to help with our courteous professional service team, highest quality original manufacturer replacement parts, and our dedication to outstanding customer service.

Whether you are looking for routine planned elevator maintenance coverage, a onetime service examination, a repair, or an “Annual” Safety or “Five Year Full Load” Test, we're here to help.

As experts in our industry, A.R. Mellinger's technicians are well trained, both on the job and, through manufacturers ongoing technical schools. Our trucks are supplied with advanced diagnostic tools, including those required by several leading manufactures. We are efficient, and able to diagnose problems quickly, saving you down time and money. Our technicians are also well versed in the national/state/local safety standards (codes), both current and past, so that we can advise you when code related items need to be corrected. At A.R. Mellinger Company, we care about your safety.

A.R. Mellinger Company offers “ARMCARE” Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA’s) on every Wheelchair Lift, Home Elevator, or LULA Elevator we sell.  This agreement includes regularly scheduled service visits, and discounts on labor rates should a service call be required between regular visits, for the period of time specified in the contract. We also offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements for most wheelchair lifts installed by other companies.

Our technicians will evaluate the safety of your existing lift or elevator and then recommend the appropriate service, repair, or upgrade, for your product regardless of age, make or model.

When you are looking for elevator maintenance or an elevator service company, look to the professionals at A.R. Mellinger Company.


  •     Lift is ready to be used when needed.
  •     Validates many parts warranties from manufacturers.
  •     Can be tailored to include Annual Safety and 5-Year-Full-Load Safety Tests (State required for most units in public buildings)
  •     Protects your investment.
  •     Safety and Longevity of your elevator/wheelchair lift.
  •     Peace of mind.
What our customers say:
“Our lift has never run so smoothly and quietly.”
“Since we hired A.R. Mellinger Company, our repair bills have been cut to a fraction over past years.”
“Your technician was most courteous and explained everything in detail to us.”
“Finally a company that actually repaired our lift.  A.R. Mellinger Company did not just put a band-aid on the problem. They found the cause of the problem and eliminated it! Thank you so much!”