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Make your office more welcoming

Most businesses are required to make reasonable changes to their property and business operations to avoid discriminating against individuals with disabilities.

As the population ages, more folks have disabilities, from aging baby boomers, to veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. They all hope that buildings and businesses will provide them with the same level of accessibility as other customers.

If you're among the increasing number of conscientious business-owners paying attention to accessibility issues, you'll find that A.R. Mellinger offers you peace of mind along with every elevator, wheelchair lift, or platform lift we install and service.

While efforts to address these accessibility issues are occasionally driven by the risk of lawsuits, when you consider it also mirrors customer demand, complying with the laws just makes good business sense.

Learn how we can help you meet those demands, and make it a smooth and stress-free process. To learn more about what we provide for your property or business, start by clicking any of the following links: