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 Have a project requiring accessibility equipment?

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We will provide you with expert analyses of your challenge, work in conjunction with you to design a solution that that meets your needs, and then provide you with ACAD blocks, comprehensive specifications and project budget numbers.

We consider all of the following codes/standards when advising you of the best product for your application: ADA Guidelines (ADAAG), Ohio Building Codes (OBC), National Safety Standards (ASME A17.1 Elevators) (ASME A18.1 Platform Lifts) (NFPA/NEC National Electric Code) and just as importantly the (ANSI A117.1 Usability Standards).

Put our 30 years of experience to work for you. We can save you time, and provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ve provided the best solution, and most usable design for your client.

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